all good. things are great. no problem.
under control. everything is fine …


and yet …


And yet…


… you’re not so sure. There are questions. Questions about your company, your work, your life. What’s important at this moment? You may feel stuck, confused, challenged.

As a mentor and coach, I work with people and organizations, meeting them where they are right now and support them on their path. Contact me for a first conversation on how I can support you or your company.

Keep your focus on what’s essential. stay present. and don’t forget to breathe.

The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.
— Shunryu Suzuki



Take a moment for your self. breathe. ask yourself – who am I right now and what’s next. You may feel stuck, which is ( and this may sound strange to you) a great opportunity for development.



As a business strategy mentor I work with innovative companies to develop their narrative. For international companies, this often includes finding their place in Silicon Valley.

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Mentoring or Coaching - what’s the difference?

The two domains have a lot in common: The core questions for individuals and companies are identity and direction.


As a mentor, I share my business experience and support you to drive your company or personal business goals forward. I work with international companies interested in developing their presence inSilicon Valley and US companies looking to better understand the EU market. I can join you in your effort to develop realistic goals, get started, to develop messaging and to find the right partners to get to the next level.

Working with someone in coaching and mentoring modalities allows for additional benefits, the different modes are always clearly delineated and not mixed.

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As a coach I support you in your own development to be more present and authentic in your way of being. Getting to know yourself allows you to experience the world around you in new ways. You grow in your personal and your professional life. My approach as Integral Coach allows me to see you as the whole and complex person you are and provide you with guidance to deepen your self-awareness and world experience.

Developmental coaching allows you to grow as a person, better understand the hext step on your path and provides longterm success, happiness and a more mindful view of life.

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