I will die

Let me ask you a personal question: "Are you going to die?" (Its a rhetorical question - I know you will - hopefully not soon and when the time comes in peace with yourself). New Ventures West published their Spring Distinctions Newsletter with an article by James Flaherty on anxiety and if you belong to the group of people who will eventually die, and maybe to the group of people who worry about it - this is important reading. As a coach it is essential to keep the transitory state of our being present. How can you support someone in their personal development in their life if you don't have dear present? Then the rest is (almost) easy. As Norman Fischer pointed out in a workshop, the most difficult things a human has to do is to be born and to die and so far everybody has succeeded. 

Walk down the street and look at people and realized that they will all die. An exercise we did during coach training. Way more important than 27 little tips how to be a better coach. Now go and read.