Sometimes, you just need someone who’s been there


Your company is as individual as you. And generic business advice is exactly that: generic.  You will find many mentors with extensive business experience, industry acumen, and a long track record. They may tell you what to do. But you’re an entrepreneur, an innovator, a professional – you know what to do but you’re stuck, your company is somehow stuck. Mission and Vision and day-to-day life don’t align.

I’m a mentor with over 20 years international experience in marketing and communication and trained as a coach. I don’t tell you what to do: I support you to do what you already know that needs to be done.

Sometimes all you need is step away, and take a different perspective. Do you see the palm trees on the beach? Just over two miles from the financial district - and so far away.

Let’s talk about what we can accomplish together - I look forward to hearing from you.