I love to share - Creative Commons Salon San Francisco

Creative Commons Salon hosts an evening on sharing: The evening's presenters are Jack Herrick, founder of the collaborative how-to manual wikiHow; Clément Alteresco and Anne Gomez of innovation/strategic development agency faberNovel, which founded collaborative workspace pariSoma; and Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable, a new magazine and online community dedicated to sharing.

Jack, the founder of WikiHow shares the importance of compassionate communication. Being "nice" to each other in communication is as important as giving them the power to change and impact the content of one of the most-read sites on the Web.

Parisoma presents itself as part of the global coworking community with a "very SOMA" feeling, working locally with 20 people in the room or 100,000 people live online on the Web.

And then there is Shareable - the magazine about sharing.

More is here:

Photo? iPhone crashed and I lost most of tonight's photos - I can share this one.