The Charity of Music

[UPDATE]  The Landfillharmonic Movie is now available on Vimeo and to own on disc or for a screening.  

Everything that happens is somewhat connected - we can only see it rarely.

I just received a nice email from the San Francisco Symphony explaining the tax benefits when I donate [UPDATE: link dead] to the Orchestra. I am happy to have such a wonderful orchestra in San Francisco and Michael Tilson Thomas has a wonderful way to bring music to many who otherwise would not even consider classical music. My daughter watched with interest his Keeping Score videos already at the age of three.

Yet sometimes things come together and fall into place. Five minutes before I received the email, I found this online:

Landfill Harmonic movie teaser

It's a movie teaser for a full-length documentary from Landfill Harmonic



I will donate here this year and I told the SF Symphony - I hope they understand.

There is more information here and you can donate here. You may not get a tax write-off for this (they are still in the process of registering their organization with the IRS) so you will have to review your priorities.

You can also send instruments to the film production studio: The Landfill Harmonic Project, Eureka Productions Inc., 3419 E. University Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85034. (this is a physical address, not a link)

And if nothing else connect with them on Facebook and spread the word.


I sent a note to the Director of Gift Planning at the SF Symphony. Maybe they can help out with instruments, or inviting the orchestra to the Davis Symphony Hall.

Update - a second video: Landfill Harmonic movie teaser