Where did the first parents come from?

Four year olds - sorry 4 1/2 - come up with all sorts of reasons why they cannot go to sleep - last resort are really important questions: "Where did the first parents come from?". Everyone has parents but what about the first ones? Did they come from eggs? So I try to balance bed-time urgency with a complete review of the Origin of Species - briefly covering Tadpoles and Frogs, and the difference between Apes and Men, trying not to scare her sleep by talking about cave men.

Go to bed now. Papa - why are we not furry? We have clothes. I'm trying to watch Doris Dorrie's film "How to cook your life" with  Edward Espe Brown, a Zen priest and cook. The movie was underwhelming. I look forward to  and hear Ed Bown speak next month.

Papa - why do you wear glasses? It is getting late and the questions become less philosophical . Or maybe not. We sit on the stairs and I explain that as you get older the muscles in the eye are not as strong anymore.

With the promise that we will sit together in the morning and a big hug, she disappears.

Where did the first parents come from?


How to cook your life - the book, some 700 years older than the film - finished by Eihei Dogen  in 1237 - is much more inspiring. More about that later.