Never Miss a Thing

FOMO (fear of missing out) has been the core driver for scientific advances throughout the ages as well as rubbernecking complete with rear-end crashes on the freeway, spying on the love life of your neighbor and more recently everything else social media offers in the way of time-saving and time-wasting information.

What happens when you miss what’s happen at home while you’re gone? They (whoever they are - probably your loved ones) are having much more fun while you’re gone


The “Never Miss Camera” by a major US cable TV cum home security provider just arrived in my email inbox. It caught my eye mostly because it’s product design is amazingly “special” (aka ugly - but that’s in the camera eye of the beholder) with a certain ‘we’re watching you” attitude.

It offers peace of mind and $100 off:
”Get peace of mind, 24/7”
”Get $100 off a camera when…”

You also get a piece of the action, get in trouble for being nosy, get the satisfaction that nothing happens at home, everybody has more fun with out you or - worst case two persons you cannot recognize are busy carrying out your possessions while you’re gone.

In the last case you may be able to call 911 and have them stopped. In all other cases you miss out on the action around you while you’re busy watching what happens somewhere else. If you enjoy that - then get the camera that in addition offers a “go back in time” feature and voice control “Just say ‘show me my cameras’” as in “show me my people”. For everybody else I recommend Roz Cast’s fabulous book: The party after you left.

But what do you miss out on where you are right now? The party you’re in at this very moment? You cannot go back in time - or forward for that matter. You are right here and right now. To quote Jon Kabat-Zinn: “It’s now again”. Take a breath, don’t fear and enjoy the moment.

The Party, After you Left - see what you miss out on.

The Party, After you Left - see what you miss out on.