Digital Business Management

I'm teaching e-Business Financing for the Digital Business Management graduate course jointly offered by Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz and University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria (FH Steyr) - both in Upper Austria. The course is a major development as it offers for the first time a collaboration between a college focused on practical aspects of applied science with the academic approach of the university. Students continue either directly from undergraduate studies at either of the universities or are already integrated in the work process. All of the students have a clear entrepreneurial perspective and the focus on my class is to understand the details of creating a fundable business proposal.

Standard literature is mostly how-to for SMBs and not really applicable or academic works on economics. As the students are tasked to create a pitch presentation for either an already existing venture or one they "invent" for the class, a practical tool is best suited to support this.

Business Model Generation is a highly effective tool that can be read while developing a plan and never feels like "reading assignment" on top of the actual work.

Here's a preview of the book And here is a 2 minute video that explains the process

The Business Model Canvas is available as pdf for print-out here. Best print on large paper, stick to the wall and use post-its to fill the fields. Review for details on the process.

The Book is available here in the US and here in Austria - deutsche Ausgabe and English Edition.

Here is another video on how to use the Business Model Canvas to develop a business concept (in German)

– via Dominik Hager, DBM class of 2014



My students will be asked to present each of the projects both as a slide presentation and as a canvas with a Silicon-Valley style pitch competition (5 minutes maximum) in the last meeting.