Seeing the Flowers

Standing behind a sash window experiencing the world outside, we carefully put our fingers out to feel the sun and the wind only to have them hit by the muntin that encases the glass we look through. Finding the little blocks we can use to squeeze into cracks to keep them open requires some practice and ingenuity. The random piece of wood that works well in this window will not suffice to keep a philosophical discourse flowing. Yet it's the little things, the disregarded scrap piece that suddenly gains value when it fits. Enough has been said about the square peg, keeping your window open requires you to find just the right means to stop it from hitting your fingers too often.

That's when you suddenly realize the knot. An almost ethereal confusion of material that sways in the wind from the open window. Realizing the knot is the first step.


Thank you A. M. - you know where the photos come from.