Lost in Time I always had this interest in seemingly lost and forgotten towns. Not the truly forgotten and therefore famous places. More the ones that are not even famous for being forgotten. Maybe not forgotten enough - yet. Anyone can exit the Autostrada A21 at Cremona to visit some tourist attractions. The next exit - almost blocked by spider webs due to its rare use - is the interesting one, arriving at a small town square completely asleep - maybe for years already, probably just for the siesta from 1 - 3.30. This is where the unexpected nothing happens. The great café that serves you nothing because it is closed, the store where you can't buy anything, the church you can't visit.

This Italian town is lost - I can't remember where it exactly was and poking around on Google maps led to nothing. Some places I visit on a more or less regular schedule. Among them is Buttonwillow, a place I discovered when LA Weekly ran a story in 1997 [needs reference] from a writer who spent a week at the Buttonwillow onramp. Since then whenever I drive I-5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I try to make time to go to Buttonwillow - a 4 mi detour into nowhere.

After a long time I've been back yesterday. The Buttonwillow onramp hosted the first Starbucks on I-5 across from the truck stop and now even has an Indian Restaurant.

Always a great place to shoot photos - no tourists run between you and your lens I added to my collection. Earlier shots are all analog and I will post them after scanning.

Buttonwillow has a lot of memories and no tangible paraphernalia. I do have the original LA Weekly story on paper - no URL available - maybe I can add it here.

If you drive I-5 in the Central Valley, take the time and visit Buttonwillow.