Technology as a Sensual Experience

I have been advising the TEDx Vienna team for the last months on a wide range of Technologie als sinnliche Erfahrungquestions around the conference. So it was to no surprise when Alex pinged me around 1 AM my time on Skype with an urgent question: We just got the Sunday after-conference brunch lined up and it needs a title that is independent from the TEDx, reflects a similar spirit and summarizes the expertise of the invited participants. It took me well over one minute to come up with a suitable title:Technologie als sinnliches Erlebnis - Technology as Sensual Experience.

Today was Steve Jobs Day and the launch of the iPhone 4S and long lines formed by people eager to get their hands on the shiny new device on its first day of availability. Smartphones are more than high-tech devices to effectively communicate and collaborate. They replace lighters, silver cigarette cases, side arms, pocket knives, malas and other objects to hold between fingers in a sensual way. eBooks don't come bound in Morocco leather.

Technology is about experience - sensual experience - necessary to deeply understand and access it an digital media are even more dependent on physical manifestation.

When asked what multimedia is (in 1988) my friend and mentor Bob Stein - a Digerati of the first generation - told a slightly embarrassed journalist: Multimedia is like sex - you have to experience it.

The event is free  - if you're in Vienna, I hope to see you there.