O glücklich, wer noch hoffen kann,Aus diesem Meer des Irrtums aufzutauchen! Was man nicht weiß, das eben brauchte man, Und was man weiß, kann man nicht brauchen. - Goethe: Faust I, Vers 1064 ff.

Somewhat interesting Information on the verge of being useless is at the core of the Web - and not by coincidence. The constant complaints about "information overload" are rooted in the idea that information aggregation and dissemination follows a simplistic model of sender and receiver and being at the receiving end, all you can do, is to hold the funnel and explore/experience all the stuff that comes in.

Looking for "really high-up" restaurant for M. in San Francisco - she wants to look down onto toy-sized cars and people - I came across The Most Unusual Restaurants in the World - a comprehensive, interesting, list of eating places outside the "usual" (sic!). I had a hard time selecting one for a picture for this blog entry and ultimately settled for a Kiew restaurant serving as dessert: pork fat covered in chocolate: not kosher, not healthy and probably not very desirable - but it's Ungewöhnlich (unusual).

Information overload is directly related to the search for the unusual. A day spent with the "very usual", nothing special, just living and breathing is more special than the most special, exciting, unusual experience that often not delivers what it is hoping to promise. (to be continued).

Kiew Restaurant