Domi No - TEDx Vienna 2011 is Ramping Up Fast

UPDATE: First speakers confirmed for TEDx Vienna 2011; The TED conference idea, concept, and execution is so inherently Californian that it is quite amazing to see a spin-out emerging in Vienna - one of the more unlikely places at first sight. San Francisco? Sure - Berkeley? Yes - But Vienna?

Looking closer at the fine mesh that interweaves technology, entertainment and design. In the 1830s, when Yerba Buena ("good herb" , Span.) -  "San Francisco" since 1847) was merely an anchorage with barely a few houses, Vienna had probably the most advanced integration of technology, entertainment and design. The Imperial Court as well as the Vienna society on all levels participated in all aspects of scientific explorations as well as artistic work both as ways of innovation as well as entertainment.

Rudolf von Alt - Die Jägerzeile in Wien - 1844The access to world-class scientists and artists in the Reichshaupt- und Residenzstadt Wien - de-facto center of the Holy Roman Empire. Vienna has always integrated art, technology, design and science in a way rarely found anywhere else and it is about time that Vienna regains this status in the domain of digital technology, entertainment and design. As much as one element requires the others, it creates a domino effect that allows new forms to rise and take shape. Take a look the two events TEDx SanFrancisco and TEDx Vienna to see how both events in their own rights create completely different domains of competence.

This year's topic at the TEDx Vienna is the "Domino Effect" - I'll integrate the opening video as soon as I can figure out how.

I had the chance to speak at the 2010 conference on Bridging the Gap via Skype and look forward to be live at the event this October.