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I have been invited to submit a paper about the future for a forthcoming book on "Ideas for Tomorrow". The future, tomorrow, great new ideas that will change everything for the better are exciting prospects but I'm not so sure how helpful it is to look at the "future" as a point forward on an imaginary unidirectional time line. Looking at the present may be more inspiring and educational. Looking at the present is also more about social interactions and less about prospective technical achievements. Over the past 50 years a lot of "future" has turned into a past without ever becoming present reality. Robot maids are a perfect example. "Morgen ist heute schon gestern" (Tomorrow, today will already be yesterday) was part of an advertising campaign of the Austrian shoe manufacturer Humanic in the 1970s. (the other one was "In Wirklichkeit ist die Wirklichkeit nicht wirklich wirklich, aber wirklich ist so doch" - in reality, reality is not really real, but it is real nevertheless) - but I digress).

Looking at today - in their presence  - and looking at how things evolve, start, end may be a much more solid approach that I will try to explore.

It is getting late - here something about closing up: Irgendwann macht jedes Lokal a bissl zu:

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