Come on Baby...

... Let the Good Times Roll a 1973 pseudo-documentary was the only movie where I went from the exit straight back into the movie at the Tottenham Court Road Cinema. The movie directed by Bob Abel whom I met much later when we all worked on early multimedia projects in Los Angeles - I worked with Bob Stein at Voyager and he was the "other Bob" in multimedia. The movie features Chuck Berry , Little Richard , Fats Domino , Chubby Checker,playing themselves and lots of real and fake archive footage about the music of the '50s as the main reason for juvenile delinquency.

The movie is an interesting time document from the 50s and a time document from the 70s - it was shot in 70 mm 6-channel sound and used complex multi-screen layouts. The movie is rarely shown on TCM and a trailer exists on their website. The DVD is available here.

I tried to embed the trailer with the code provided on the TCM site - but it does not work - click here:  Trailer