Scriabin and Prostate Cancer: Etude Op.8 No.11 (Horowitz)

I don't remember how I ended up here, but here I was and I listened. When Horowitz plays you better listen. Music on the Web is rarely selectable - it comes more randomly on web radio or Pandora. Pandora is great but you may get "similar" and not exactly what you look for. Music with images is different. Somehow different rules apply and and while some pieces are blocked (not sure who benefits from this), many are open - so I looked - and there it was - Scriabin with Prostate Cancer. Highly targeted advertising. Only targeted to whom? To Horowitz, Scriabin or me? Neither of as is a candidate for prostate cancer treatment. Scriabin and Horowitz know - I hope. In my curiousity, I searched the Internet and got some highly convincing offers:

You look for it - we find it:

You can get Prostate Cancer without prescription - good to know

And if you cannot afford to get Prostate Cancer (who can?) - we cut you a deal

Time to listen to some music: