TEDx Vienna – Bridging the Crack

TEDx Vienna invited me to give a brief talk about my personal experience with the TED conference since TED2 in 1990 and about the topic of the TEDx Vienna: Bridging the Gap. Marion, who manages PR for TEDx Vienna, brought us together and as much as I would like to enjoy a cold, wet November in Vienna, I'll do the talk via Skype on Monday, November 29 at 16:50 CET = 7.50 AM PST.

I prepared an abstract about my talk on Bridging the Crack:

There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in. — L. Cohen, Zen priest and writer

Here are some slides as pdf.

Austria – and especially Vienna – has a long tradition in bridging gaps, crossing boundaries and developing new creative opportunities in areas that did not even exist before. Vienna is especially creative when things don’t work out, when new approaches are required, old things need to be separated or when multiple domains need to be merged to create something new. In music, literature, theater, painting, medicine, and technology – Vienna always welcomed the misfits, the innovators, those recognizing the cracks in the continuum. [more]