Metamorphoses - A workshop at Lift@Austria Enable Conference

The Lift@Austria Enable! conference is shaping significantly different from your "usual" convention. The team is working hard to enable all participants  to experience an innovative and creative environment. After all that's the topic of the event. The event takes place in a factory building of a company developing equipment for bartenders and some plastic parts. So this is going to be an interesting venue. In addition to giving one of the keynotes on day 2, I will also contribute to a workshop on "metamorphoses". That's the title the conference organizers came up with. I'm not sure if the title should be Metamorphosis - a  term is usually only used for butterflies and other animals that change in form and in a variety of art pieces including Kafka's "Die Verwandlung" [ see Wikipedia for disambiguation] or Metamorphoses by Ovid et al. Vladimir Nabokov [Wikipedia] [Zembla], who was a Entomologist as well as a professor for literature and a world-class writer - well versed in all sorts of metamorphoses would be the right person to ask about butterflies and human change.

I submitted a first piece for discussion for the metamorphoses workshop: "For a Change – take a Risk" that is also available here as a pdf:  FBrody - Metamorphoses .

UPDATE: The Lift Enable! conference program has been posted and the newest version of my abstract is here

Post a comment if you are planning to participate or  interested in discussing the topic in general.

The conference blog is here.