Lift@Vienna | Enable! - a conference

The Lift@Austria conference invited me to give a keynote and enable a workshop about metamorphosis – a somewhat alchemistic topic. The conference focuses on "Profound innovation in Society, Economy & Knowledge Exploring the new paradigm for bringing forth game-changing innovation" and will be held in  Vienna, March 18-20, 2010. Conferences worth attending have become rare or unaffordable and inaccessible like TED or D - mostly easily replaceable by a Webcast. Lift promises to start a new trend in collaborative events. The topic is challenging and we'll see what we can make of it. It will be a joint effort of everybody attending.

Lift conferences are planned around the world and try to answer the questions " What can the future do for you? - maybe we should ask "What can you do for the future?" - but that's beside the point - there is only NOW. What can NOW do for you?

First event coverage is here and here (both in German). [added 2/4]

More soon.