The Future of Media

TV Interview via Skype

The Austrian TV ORF interviewed me today on the future of digital media, if the electronic book will replace the book on paper and how the digital immigrants will cope with cutting-edge technology.

The interview almost fell through because I'm in the Silicon Valley and the TV station is in Vienna. My suggestion to use Skype was well received Patrice went out of her way to make this happen. Thank you! After some initial set-up they had no problem recording my image from the PC screen in the studio. I don't know the current state of technology but there should be a way to feed the video and audio data stream directly into the recording system.

There is always a way to adapt new technology to the technological level your are comfortable with.

I'll investigate and report back on the blog how to best do TV interviews over Skype. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions.

The interview will be on Austrian TV ORF on March 23, around 2200 GMT+2 (10 PM local).

Note to self: revisit Walter Benjamin.