Design Mind - Business Mind

I will be speaking at the Destination Design Management Conference on February 9 & 10 in Huntington Beach, CA and while I'm preparing my talk, I'm pondering who will be in the audience. Business execs, designers, people hiring, managing, selecting designers? The organizers position the 3rd iteration of this event as "the event that gives you the tools to take action and re-energize your team. Discover the freedom to strengthen your brand with design and democratize the creative process. This year is all about the value proposition: Defining, Creating, Measuring, Quantifying, Communicating, Delivering, and Proving the Value of Design".

Design - MC Escher

This is not about the design department. This is about Design as a process within the organization, a certain façon de penser - a way to think about things - that change the perception an the action of everyone involved.

I will try to outline in my presentation a practice for everyone in an organization to enter into a design mind state and benefit from an open and fresh view onto processes and actions as they unfold while they continuously redraw themselves.

The program for the conference is here and if you are interested in attending, let me know and I can get you a deal on the ticket.

I look forward to seeing you in Huntington Beach