No Time

Taisen Deshimaru Roshi: Za Zen "When your daily routine does not leave you enough time to sit, something is seriously wrong“ writes Taisen Deshimaru-Roshi writes somewhere in his book "Za-Zen Die Praxis des Zen". The Mondo (question and answer session between the master and his/her students) section of the book can be found in English online. The small compendium contains several calligraphies and classic Zen stories and in doubt is the one book to take along when you can only take one. I cannot find an English edition online.

I remembered the passage - of which I am no longer sure that it really is in the book - when the mother of another child asked me in the parking lot of Miriam's school if I'm also so stressed out. When I responded that no, I'm not more stressed than usual and why should I be more stressed? she looked at me in a strange concerned way about the possibility that I don't participate in the seasonal frenzy and confessed that she has so much to do to prepare for Christmas that she did not have time to go to church on Sunday.

We will have a Hanukkah party with lattkes and dreydels and a Christmas dinner with European cookies and take time to go to the Pacific and see the ocean and I will make time for Zazen. Am I missing something? Should I spend more time at the shopping mall?

Taisen Deshimaru's book is not available in English but the questions and his answers can be found here - unfortunately in a smart interactive way which means you cannot print them out easily and take them to the beach.