Chicken, Dead Chicken

It's the time to be thankful. The ultimate US American holiday that allows everyone to get together and eat too much while bypassing the whole Christmas / Hanukkah issue. Miriam is 4 and learns in school about being thankful, makes collages what she is thankful for and overall extensively discusses the topic with everyone. I asked her what she is thankful for and she tells me: "Chicken, dead chicken". She has a point. As Greek philosophers always emphasized name the object for what it is and you can recognize its qualities.

As everything in America is has to be big - and so we get "really big", "humongous" chicken for really low prices and if you not careful then the supermarket gives you a second one free. The biggest chicken in the whole wide world. Miriam just passed the Thanksgiving Chicken in weight.

We will have a Brazilian-style Thanksgiving and I will provide an Austrian-style cake - albeit after a US recipe. Details to follow.