At the Pool

After multiple requests to extend my blog int the daddy-blog space: "you will be sooo successful, everyone will ready you", I'll give it a try. Today at the pool. Watching Miriam. A little girl, still a bit wobbly on her feet, young enough and good looking enough to get away with running around topless even in puritan America runs to the pool edge, jumps-falls into the water, her little body sinks under the water surface, her face down, she doesn't move, wiggles her arms around, sinks deeper, her head under the water, bubbles, wiggling arms, no movement....comes up gasping for air...face down in the water again, sinking to the bottom of the pool...coming up with the toy she has been diving for, swimming to the steps to climb out on her wobbly feet, runs to the edge and jumps in again.

What do I do? She's probably the better swimmer.