My iPhone will soon be obsolete

As I write this, I still own the most cutting-edge radio-comunication device on the planet. (No idea what they have on Mars). In a few hours it will be an obsolete old clunker that will have to wait at least ten years before it shows up in museums or is sold as "original iPhone some scuff marks..". Not that the new iPhone 3G will be a better phone - most likely I will still not get any coverage at home in the Silicon Valley (3 mi from CISCO, 5mi from HP, 8 mi from Apple, 1.5mi from SJC) but hey it's faster on 3G and has a black back.

According to the AT&T rep, the missing coverage is mostly due to 13 (thirteen) cell towers in the area not functioning, "some of them for over four weeks and the engineers have a hard time finding out why it does not work". Probably everyone is installing some 3G stuff while voice service falls off the back of the truck - so to speak.

Other: I wrote a piece about wall-mounted phones a long time ago - I will post it when I find it.