It's the looks! The Ma(i)d PC computer case

We all know looks matter. And the converted ones who use a Mac know that looks matter most where they matter - on the screen. But in case you don't follow the form-follows-function belief and want something that gets your friends to laugh for at least 15 seconds, how about a reasonably sexist, technically underpowered and in any conceivable way useless computer tower that not only takes up a lot of space but also sells for more without any actual computer hardware inside than a reasonable fully-feature desktop machine in 2008 state-of-the art? Yes the mad/made/maid computer case. It's the novelty - that wears off faster than you can spell it.

It has no brains - you need to buy a motherboard, hard disk, memory extra and it has no looks - but hey you could watch people tripping over those legs sticking out, that may be fun?

In case you wonder: its USD499 at Japan Trend Shop