Cable Chaos as Art

Dealing with CATV companies - Cable TV - is always a hassle, starting at the moment you sign the contract. No whining here. The video with the Comcast service technician falling asleep on a customer's couch has been viewed over 1.2 Million (!) times and several follow-on videos were posted  as well.

Comcast Cables

Quality of service is bad and this will not change until the cable and telecom companies lear the hard way that they are expendable, that we don't need them. This photo taken at an apartment complex in the Silicon Valley is a great icon for the state of mind of cable companies. It's a mess and nobody minds just letting it hang out in open public.

This art installation of a still life could be named "Hanging Network # 23", mixed media, iron, copper, PVC, colored stickers.

Properly marketed, the owner of the property could host Saturday afternoon wine and cheese gatherings, small events, by invitation only where art critics and media professors elaborate on the transcendental quality of content as it leaves

all physical attachment to a medium behind. The setting couldn't be better.

Centrally located, on a dead-end-street (for the francophones: cul-de-sac) with the necessary additional pieces to create the right ambiance.

And how did I find this jewel of post-networking art? I was in search of a violin teacher for my daughter. She was fascinated by the broken pool, cordoned off by yellow police-style tape and pondered when the men would come with their tools to fix the crack on the bottom of the pool and that they need to be careful not to swallow water while working as it is unhealthy. She is 3 1/2 and tells me she wants to come back to check out the pool soon. I got my 3 minutes to shoot the pictures that make me think about the importance of networks in our lives. There was another really neatly organized network, built by people who know if they screw up it is even more deadly:

Oldfashioned, all data copied by hand by a diligent person who fears nothing but the neighbor dog.

Here is the "Sleeping Comcast Video":