It's your own fault

Please be aware that we don't assume any liability if an accident is your own [damn] fault. [Für selbstverschuldete Unfälle wird nicht gehaftet]. The subway in Cologne is very clear about this. They also inform that the emergency brakes work really fast and you better hold on. No matter what it is, if you have an accident, be it in your career, your love life or your relationship with you rmother-in-law, don't blame them. And don't forget to hold on. It is a mystery to me why people in charge of signage never ask someone before printing or posting their latest creation. If it's in your own language, walk down the corridor and ask the girl in accounting, take it home and make a fool in front of your SO and if you are alone on an island with nobody to ask, sleep over it and look at your wonderful creation again the next day.

Translations are a special case as we all know, an endless source of amusement, confusion or both. The average marketing executive of a mid-size town does not have access to email or a phone to ask his peer in the UK or US if a sign in the park to keep people of the grass reading "no grass-stepping" is a good idea and communicates the intention.