Fairy or Girl is Your Choice

My local nursery (sic!) offers garden figure with removable wings and the price you pay is the same whether you go for the girl or the fairy. I had planned to take a photograph of this object trouve for a long time, when I received the URL for Real Dolls (thank you Bob), it made me go back to the nursery buy some tomato plants a bag of planting mix and take the picture. Fairy

Steve the owner was very nice and let me take the picture, I mumbled something about showing the figure to someone interested. What do you do with the wings during the summer months when you keep her as a girl - before remounting them briefly before Thanksgiving? No special storage container is mentioned, you will have to careful when removing them during early Lent. Equally careful as with the dolls mentioned below.

Dolls have a very disturbing side, a concept that becomes very clear in the attempt to perfect the doll as a representation of man - in most cases woman. The perfect body with no mind is a strange juxtaposition to our attempt to build a perfect electronic mind. Years working in natural language man-machine interaction have shown me that the less we try to build computers that are "just like you and me" the easier we can actually use respectively interact with them. The same holds true for dolls - a nice rag doll holds more personality than many a perfect doll. E. T. A. Hoffmann adds the mechanical aspect of self to his doll Olympia in the story of the Sandman, a glassy-eyed, beautiful woman who ruins her admirer with her looks.

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