The Switch Story that Switches all Switch Stories

Read about weight loss and PC loss and how it both turned the author of the piece, Glenn McDonald, into a happier person. Convincing.

[...] at no time during my adult computer-using life have I felt like any technical advance in PC-platform operating systems constituted an identifiable improvement in the moral quality of their users' lives, nor a component of any kind of social revolution I would feel proud to lead. At best, upgrades have belatedly and/or partially alleviated pains their predecessors had no business introducing in the first place. More often, they've deferred disasters until they can do even worse damage, or helped people who don't care about you control more of your life.

This is not about randomly switching operating systems for fun, this is about life-altering substances and code.

But the most hopeful truth is that despite every physical law pulling the universe towards entropy, it still gets there so incredibly slowly, and the second most hopeful truth is that it takes such tiny counter-pressures to save the parts you love. Even less to save yourself. So start anywhere. Pick a better way, and switch.

Yes it is a long piece but well worth reading. [found at macslash]