What is happening to New Media?

After trying to understand New Media for the last 20 years - is it finally going away without ever having made it to mainstream? I just talked to my friend MF in Vienna, a writer, journalist, coach who - after being the Queen of Digital Media Reporting for year on end - is about to drop the whole topic. "It's too fast, does anybody need it ? SMS - who needs it? Why not just call?" She is interested in Weblogs - not sure if I got her interest triggered enought to have her actually come to my BOLG and check it out. Interesting how much of an initial ground swell we have to overcome to look at something new - let alone try it.

I am pretty new to Weblogging and I don't know if I really like it - but I explore it as it helps me to better understand the potential of different ways to use the Web and digital media in general. I am reading BoingBoing and Joi Ito's conversation with the living Web both for form and content. Not only are there interesting stories, they also help me to better understand the medium.