Florian Brody is an Integral Coach and Creative Business Strategist based in San Francisco. He works with individual and corporate clients supporting them in finding their next step in their life and their career. As a marketing executive, he works with entrepreneurs to develop their marketing strategy.

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, he is an international expert with a wide range of skills. This allows him to combine art and technology into new experiences for body, speech, and mind. He is certified as an Integral Coach® from New Ventures West, holds a certification from ICF, and coaches in both English and German.

Florian held the Chair for Multimedia Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg and has been a visiting professor at the Universidad de Gran Canaria, Spain. Currently, he teaches at the university level in both in Austria and Germany. Florian is the founding president of ASCINA, the Association of Austrian Scientists in North America, and co-chair for Media and Entertainment at GABA, the German-American Business Association. He is also the Silicon Valley adviser to the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He has been practicing Zen for over 30 years, which supports him in his work as a coach and as an executive. Florian is the Vice President of the International Coaching Federation San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Co-Chair for media and entertainment at the German American Business Association GABA, and founding president of ASCINA, the Association of Austrian Scientists in North America. He is a sought-after inspirational speaker and is published in multiple languages.


Talks & Publications

I am available as keynote speaker on a range of topics and my work has been published both in English and German. Topics include media theory, narrative models in business, electronic publishing as well as specific questions on startup company strategies.

Currently I am interested in modes of usage of different media and the relationship between media and memory.

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Books have been on the way out for most of the twentieth century. Our dreams are no longer located between their covers; first movies, then television, and now the computer have offered more involving fantasies. For those in search of narrative rapture, technological media are indeed seductive: Why take the trouble to dream when you can so easily consume that which has already been visualized? While the relation between the story and the apparatus has been much discussed in relation to film and television, we are only now at a point where we can develop a theoretical discourse that ties the consumption of narrative to the media that have spawned in the computer’s wake. And yet, I contend that digital media – unlike film and video – have the potential to emerge as a new type of book.

The Medium is the Memory.  In: The Digital Dialectic. New Essays on New Media / edited by Peter Lunenfeld. (MIT Press, 1999). ISBN 0-262-12213-8



Today reading has successfully made the transition from paper to the dynamic medium of the computer screen and is becoming a common experience in the world of electronic media.

This paper looks into the quality of private memory and its impact on our dealing with electronic media.

Books the Next Generation— Reading on the Electronic Frontier. in: The Information Superhighway and Private Households:Case Studies of Business Impacts / W. Brenner, L. Kolbe, (Eds.). (Heidelberg: Physica, a branch of Springer,1996). X, 427 pp. 110 figs. ISBN 3-7908-0907-1


Die Philosophen Kommen

Philosophie legt die Steine in den Weg, die es interessant machen, den Weg zu gehen. Die Suche nach letzten Antworten ist etwa auch eine der treibenden Kräfte für den schriftlichen Text in allen Formen. Allen gedruckten Texten gemeinsam ist ihre Endgu?ltigkeit, ihre Linearität und ihre – auf Hinweise und Nachweise begrenzte – Fähigkeit zur Verknüpfung. „Was man schwarz auf weiß besitzt kann man getrost nach Hause tragen“, lässt Goethe schon seinen Faust sagen (Faust I, Vers 1966 f). Die Philosophen Kommen



Today every start-up, every company involved in Web 2.0 is necessarily also a media company and organizations who do not consider the  changes in content and sociological impact risk to become obsolete. Innovation in the Silicon Valley can be tracked effectively due to the speed and the concen-tration of developments. Many observations apply equally well to European start-ups. The conceptual and economical road blocks of 1999 no longer apply to media start-ups as companies are launched with minimal funding.

Was kommt nach Web2.0? (Und was kam vorher?) – Digitale Medien-Start-Ups im Silicon Valley.  In: Michael A. Herzog (Hrsg.)
Prozessgestaltung in der Medienproduktion; Neue Geschäftsmodelle und Technologien für Mobile Portale und HD Broadcast. – Berlin: Gito, 2009. S. 9 – 38.