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Reading about Electronic Books on Paper

Mitch Ratcliffe posted a status analysis on eBooks – The first step of a long change on his ZD Net column. I read most of it immediately after I received Mitch’s email with the URL in the afternoon. We have

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Do you have 165 Floppy Disks Handy?

The eternal question “does size matter” always gets a strange perspective when you compare storage size, processor speed and the raw size of the plastic or metal case of the device. Apple just released the newest version of their phone

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Baking Memories

Et bientôt, machinalement, accablé par la morne journée et la perspective d’un triste lendemain, je portai à mes lèvres une cuillerée du thé où j’avais laissé s’amollir un morceau de madeleine. Mais à l’instant même où la gorgée mêlée des

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Is there a Zamp in my Memory?

The evening ritual had settled in to first read Dr. Seuss: There’s a Zamp in My Lamp while sitting on the bed so she could pull, rotate and wiggle all the different tabs in the book and then I would

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