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Recovering the Aura in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Much has been lamented about the loss of the Aura of Art in the Age of Digital Media – mostly because the transition from old to new media has been poorly understood or poorly executed. And then comes an amazing

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That’s How the World Is

[UPDATED ENTRY FROM 2008] Complaining to Miriam while driving that today is another day where all traffic lights are red, she responds “That’s how the world is”. She elaborates from her elevated position in her seat, strapped in like a race

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Telling Stories with Images

Debunking a slew of stories about this famous photograph as well as cultural differences that are 63 years later as big as mid century. Read the story of Ninalee “Jinx” Allen Craig at Messy Nessy and add your own thoughts.

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Cities in Media

Back in 2011 I set two vastly different movie projects about the visual representation of cities against each other: Vienna and San Francisco. Here comes another very interesting project: In 1927 the cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene created a film about life

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The archaeological terrain of an idealised consumerist society

Moving into the future and looking back, you may find a huge abandoned architectural structure that may once have been some sort of temple or ritual center by a culture not clearly understood. For some reason yet to be discovered

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