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Recovering the Aura in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Much has been lamented about the loss of the Aura of Art in the Age of Digital Media – mostly because the transition from old to new media has been poorly understood or poorly executed. And then comes an amazing

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Too practical to be useful – the Phonecamera

Engineering marvels – especially consumer products – have a long history of being so practical and convenient that they are completely useless. Add-on lenses to smart phones are fast approaching this category. It is common knowledge that the best camera

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Is blogging outdated?

Admittedly, I seldom blog. Maybe twice a year – whenever I feel like – as a result I don’t have a lot of followers. It’s not really a publication outlet for me. Recently I found that more and more of

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Nothingness: Energy from Within (revisited)

In 2013 I gave a TEDx talk in Austria with the title “Nothingness: Energy from Within”. The topic for the conference was “Powering Up” with many great talks covering every aspect of energy production, management, ecological alternatives, solarpower plants, and the future

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How Green is the Valley?

My paper How Green is the Valley; ICT Markets Are Going Green: The Other Story from Silicon Valley finally got published: ABSTRACT. Sustainability is no longer an added feature but a core element of a major part of industrial developments. While

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