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Too practical to be useful – the Phonecamera

Engineering marvels – especially consumer products – have a long history of being so practical and convenient that they are completely useless. Add-on lenses to smart phones are fast approaching this category. It is common knowledge that the best camera

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So-called Friends

So-called Friends – or “Join Facebook, learn about exotic, distant lands; befriend exciting, unusual people and SPAM them with Malware. *“ When M. was in pre-school everybody in Blue Room was a “friend”. She went to the park with her little friends and

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The Xylophone of the Forest

UPDATE [repost of my 2012 entry ] – the Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 features the Xylophone of forest created invisible designs lab “The creator group who changes an invisible sound into a work to see.” I first wrote about this piece when it was created

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There’s a Bell in My Head

There’s a Bell in My Head that Makes ding-dong and keeps me from thinking. Watch the craziness in the finale of Act 1 of Rossini’s opera “An Italian Woman in Algiers”, first performed in 1813. Rossini, often discounted as too shallow

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Telling Stories with Images

Debunking a slew of stories about this famous photograph as well as cultural differences that are 63 years later as big as mid century. Read the story of Ninalee “Jinx” Allen Craig at Messy Nessy and add your own thoughts.

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