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Is blogging outdated?

Admittedly, I seldom blog. Maybe twice a year – whenever I feel like – as a result I don’t have a lot of followers. It’s not really a publication outlet for me. Recently I found that more and more of

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Nothingness: Energy from Within (revisited)

In 2013 I gave a TEDx talk in Austria with the title “Nothingness: Energy from Within”. The topic for the conference was “Powering Up” with many great talks covering every aspect of energy production, management, ecological alternatives, solarpower plants, and the future

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How Green is the Valley?

My paper How Green is the Valley; ICT Markets Are Going Green: The Other Story from Silicon Valley finally got published: ABSTRACT. Sustainability is no longer an added feature but a core element of a major part of industrial developments. While

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Feels kind of weird

Today I got a message from a friend who starts a new job. Upon congratulating her, she texted “Thanks!!!  Feels kind of weird.” – how wonderful – weird is good. Weird is outside the ordinary. It makes you alive, raises

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Revisiting Reality

  Have you recently wondered if reality is slipping away? Is life getting less real? Do we need to do something about it? In German there is the nice word “Handlungsbedarf”. The translation “Need for action” only halfheartedly conveys the

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