Is blogging outdated?

Admittedly, I seldom blog. Maybe twice a year – whenever I feel like – as a result I don’t have a lot of followers. It’s not really a publication outlet for me. Recently I found that more and more of the links to other materials I use online go dead. Material disappears, goes dead… <– This blog entry started as a test to fix the crashed database behind the WP blog. Page cashing prolonged the outing – looks like it’s fixed –>  Now that the blog seems fixed on a technical level, the root question remains: “Does anybody still read blogs?” and “Are blogs obsolete?” Despite the shortness of the blog entry it already receives a comment. [to be continued]



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One comment on “Is blogging outdated?
  1. Abi says:

    Blogging is indeed outdated (almost dead) as email is outdated for personal use: writing and reading (the creation and consumption of previously blogged content) is not. It is now being replaced by social media posts and Medium articles. Communication, especially among friends and family is no longer happening via email but instant messaging or other forms but email. So the medium blog is dead, the need to publish and to follow, not so much.

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