Revisiting Reality


Have you recently wondered if reality is slipping away? Is life getting less real? Do we need to do something about it? In German there is the nice word “Handlungsbedarf”. The translation “Need for action” only halfheartedly conveys the slightly old-fashioned feeling and the clear direction that someone has to do something. (implying probably not me). French has this wonderfully impersonal “il faut que …” with a similar intention.

So something needs to be done, Someone needs to do something. I need to do something. Something that helps experiencing the HERE, the NOW, the moment of presence in this world, that we still have. Heidegger calls it “Sein” – “Being” : “Dasein is a Being who understands that it exists, and what is more the Being of Dasein is, in part, shaped by that understanding.” (Being and Time quoted here). In Eastern Philosophy, especially in Buddhism exists there term of “Suchness” (Sanskrit Tathata), the essential quality of now.

I checked my old blog posts about reality and came across the promotional campaign created by a highly creative promoter for the

Austrian shoe brand Humanic. The ad campaigns were legendary for using the work of modern poets and visual artists:

In Wirklichkeit ist die Wirklichkeit nicht wirklich wirklich.
Aber wirklich ist sie doch.
(In reality, reality is not really real. But real she is nevertheless)

As we dive deeper into the topic, we find reports on virtual infidelity (SFW – suitable for work), maybe the whole universe is virtual reality and “The universe as we know it may be a simulation created by programmers from the future, according to NASA scientist, Rich Terrile.

In what we call everyday life, we are confronted wide a wide range of actions and beliefs that pull us away from the here and now and I am passionate to support people to get in contact with their here and now and supporting them in their development. I am building my coaching practice and if working with me on issues that are getting in the way of your here and now is of interest to you, please contact me. My coaching website will be up soon, subscribe to this blog to receive advance notice:




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