Feels kind of weird

Today I got a message from a friend who starts a new job. Upon congratulating her, she texted “Thanks!!!  Feels kind of weird.” – how wonderful – weird is good. Weird is outside the ordinary. It makes you alive, raises your sensitivity for your own feelings, perceptions, formations, your body and mind. Weird requires you to think with you body and your heart. And this allows you to make a difference. Jessica Hagy wrote a piece for Forbes in 2011 “Why Weird is Wonderful” noting that people who act memorably are often “weird” – astronauts, saints, writers. Weird is not only out there – it also requires you to be authentic to yourself and to your path.

Ask yourself, have you done, seen, encountered anything weird today? If not, why not. Maybe you should look closer. Sometimes the most obvious right in front of your eyes becomes really weird, once you look closer. Go with that feeling, explore, sense it.

I just wrote “weird” so often over he last five minutes, that the spelling of the very word starts to look weird. Is it right? Is it wrong?

Make it a practice for a week or two to consciously look for something weird every day and observe what this practice does to you. Take care of yourself while doing so. Know your boundaries – avoid food that tastes weird-funny. (Funny is never good when related to food). But do have fun.

And for you S. – all the best on your path into a new adventure.

two hours later.png

Reading a story to M.: “… I don’t know how to reach him — just look in the phone book…”

M: What’s a phone book?
Me: It used to be a thick book with the phone numbers of everyone in town
M: That’s weird. Why didnn’t you have all the numbers you need in your contact list on your phone?
Me – trying to explain the notion of a life before smart phones … and the concept of a phone book…
Me – Do you remember the book in the plastic bag at the gate last week that we thre into recycling without opening? – that’s a phone book.
M – can we go and look up some of our friends in a phone book? That would be fun.
Me (thinkin) – That’s weird.


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  1. A. says:

    The best inventions were made when scientists say… that’s weird (funny)… not, when they say: Eureka!

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