Le vrai Musée Henri Langlois

Musée Imaginaire d'Henri LangloisThe most important film archive in the world, the Cinémathèque Française in Paris dedicates a major exposition to his creator: Le Musée Imaginarie d’Henri Langlois on the occasion of his 100th birthday. The ‘real’ Museum that Henri built to document, describe and present  cinema as the 7th art – no longer exists – it had been destroyed by water damage after a fire in the building – yet his legacy not only as collector of films but as the one who looked forward to wards film as more than a commodity for casual amusement but a highly collectable piece of art.

April 9 – August 3
Monday, Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 7, Sunday 10 – 8, closed Tuesday
51 rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris

Details here.

A catalog has been published.

I had the chance of working as Henri’s personal assistant for several summers 1967 – 1974 and to help building the Musée du Cinéma as well as staging the relaunch of the collection of Chaplin films with Charlie Chaplin attending together with his daughter Geraldine.

brody_florian-henri_langlois~OM034300~11113_20121024_13844_243UPDATE: This photo that I took during my work at the Cinémathèque was recently sold at an art auction in Paris. I have the negative as well as many other photos created during my work at the CF.

I never gave the rights to sell this photo or any prints. So I wonder if I should get the funds resulting from this auction.Auction Photo Henri Langlois









Here is a five minute presentation by the curator of the exhibition:

Présentation de l’exposition “Le Musée imaginaire d’Henri Langlois”, du 9 avril au 3 aout 2014 à la Cinémathèque française, par Dominique Païni, commissaire de l’exposition.– Le Musée imaginaire d’Henri Langlois… by lacinematheque (in French): “c’est la légende qu’on présente”.


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