Where Have All The Computers Gone?

Join me at a high-profile panel on the future of the machines formerly known as “computers”.

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Four Embarcadero Center, 22nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111  Map

UPDATE: With almost 50 people attending and a very lively conversation between the panelists and the audience, the event was a big success. One panelist mentioned: ” This is more like a TED talk” and GABA received multiple very positive emails after the event.
More to come soon.

copy-GABA_logo_newest_version_92x60Not too long ago, there was a computer everywhere. If you didn’t have one – yet – you hoped to get one soon. Now computers are on their way out, as much as telephones and fax machines. Computers have largely disappeared into the crevices of every-day devices from phones to dishwashers, cars, and baby toys. You can wear a computer on your skin or under your skin and manage your life from your heartbeat to your bill pay. Today 9 year olds look in amazement at rotary phones. How soon will children ask their wearable device “what’s a computer”?

These transitions have a significant impact on a wide range of fields from social to economic to legal and they will change significantly how we lead our lives.

This high-profile GABA panel explores how far computers have developed and where they will go next. Expect an inspiring and lively evening for everyone interested in next developments towards a time when the Web and smart phones feel a bit antiquated.

The Panelists:

   Kolja Reiss, ex CEO, DIMOCO US

   Stefan Roever, CEO & Founder, Genia Technologies, Inc.

The Moderator

   Florian Brody, Principal, The Halo Agency

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