Florian Brody & Niki Ernst & IACy – the Innovationagency Network

Beststeller of Manstein Verlag, the leading trade magazine for the Austrian advertising industry has a great story about my collaboration with Niki Ernst as we build IACy, the Innovationagency Network. (Bestseller 11-12/2013): “Come to think of it, it’s totally logic… Innovative advertising for irrelevant stuff is completely dead. Agency head Niki Ernst and Start-Up adviser Florian Brody prefer to create relevant products and solutions that may need any advertising at all to be successful.

Innovative Werbung zu machen, ist tot. Meinen Agenturchef Niki Ernst und Start-up-Berater Florian Brody. Sie wollen lieber relevante Dinge kreieren, für die es im besten Fall keine Werbung mehr braucht – und bauen das IACy auf.[mehr]

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