The Vienna Perspective on the Silicon Valley

Ecker & Partner invited me to speak about „Der Silicon Valley Effekt. Potenziale und Perspektiven in der Ökonomie der Kommunikation“ and over 30 people came to discuss what’s so special about an orchard turned high-density technology park. The reent discussion about two newspaper articles where I was quoted in one that start-ups are built not for the money and in  the other that it’s only about the money clarified for me that the cultural and social concept of something being “about the money” and how making money on a venture – a venture of any kind – is seen vastly different in Vienna and in the Valley. In Austria, creating and building something of relevance that comes from your heart, has social relevance and importance does not make money and if you’re after the money you are a “commerçant”  – exclusively after the money and not truly into what you do.  Building a start-up is far to risky, exhausting, time-consuming and complex to serve as a good way to effectively make a lot of money. If you don’t believe in what you do and you build your company because you want to realize a dream it’s not going to happen. At the same time you do expect it to make money – at the end – and that’s by no means a contradiction.

The conversations at the event and the follow-on interviews with a wide range of publications (I’ll post links) clarified an important point for me on the economics of communication in today’s early-stage business environment. And from the feedback I get it is equally productive for the great people – many of them longtime friends – I met in Vienna over the last days.

First media coverage of the event is here

Now it’s onwards to Berlin for the  Ecocom ’13: The Economics of Communication – Communication in Business Cycles.





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