Co-create the Future – The Magic of the Moment

I’m on my way to Vienna to the IncrediblEurope Summit 2012 with this year’s topic: “Co-Create the Future”. Over the past months I have been mentoring young European professionals who serve as Young Ambassadors for their countries and we will have several YAs speak at the Summit.

The differences and equalities between Europe, and specifically Vienna and the Silicon Valley can be a great power source and motivator to open new perspectives. Rather than trying to replicate, learn, expand and benefit – mutatis mutandis.

Marion, one of the European PR experts continuously exploring philosophical views of new technologies and its opportunities did a great interview with me – check the Austrian IT publication Computerwelt [in German]: Freitag Frühschluss kennt hier niemand“.

[UPDATE] The Austrian Press Agency APA features the interview on their IT site IT Press.

Check her blog.



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