About the Medium and the Memory II

While thinking about this blog entry, I got completely side-tracked and as Leonard Cohen and Marcel Proust started to get intermingled, I got stuck with MP – especially as I found this audio piece of Albertine disparue.

Revenons à nos moutons: (let’s get back on track) The way in which we attach memories to music shows that the medium is the memory – serves as artificial memory in the way Raymundus Lullus understood it.

More about Leonard Cohen – who disappeared and reappeared years later bringing with him the music from times past. “Excuse me for not dying” he says, never even trying to hide that he sings about memory and memories. “You’ll be hearing from me – long after I’m gone”.  He did penetrate to the core of things and he has the answer – and he shares it…

Is it close to Synestesia, when one sensory modality evokes a stable percept in another modality? Like sound – color, Skriabin was famous for having it – or is it the memory of an early evening when the wind starts to pick up and it get’s just a bit too cool to sit outside comfortably with a glass of red wine?

To be continued …

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